About Trip30

Trip30 is a tool that gives users the ability to create customized travel itineraries without any limits on when or where they go, how they get there, what they do, or the level of detail they include. It’s a tool for travelers who enjoy the process of trip planning and already use the vast resources available to them for discovering, learning about and booking travel, but need an effective way to evolve and organize those options into a final trip plan.

A major component of the trip planning process involves time (thus, the name, Trip30). How do I make sure I’m where I need to be when I need to be there? If I leave Denver at noon and fly for twelve hours, what time will it be when I land in Tokyo? For that matter, what day will it be? And what if I choose a flight that connects through Seattle rather than flying non-stop? Will I have enough time in any given destination to experience the things I’d like to do? For a trip with multiple destinations, what sequence works best given the time I have? Trip30 provides travelers with the tools they need to answer all of these questions.

After his previous start-up sold in 2012, our founder, Jim Ball, was looking for such a website while preparing for an upcoming vacation. But what he found focused either on choosing from a limited number of predefined itinerary items or creating itineraries based on confirmations a user had received for travel already booked through one of the major suppliers. The few sites that included any level of open-ended itinerary building did so with only limited flexibility and functionality.

Convinced there was a large population of like-minded travelers and with a classic “I can do this better” start-up confidence, he decided to create Trip30. He hired two software engineers, Jacob Champness and Daniel McGraw, who had helped him with his earlier venture and partnered with a UI/UX designer and front-end developer to bring his vision to life.

That vision is much larger than what the site supports today, so our work is not finished. We deploy new features as soon as we build them and continue to add potential features to our backlog. So visit often to see how Trip30 makes it easier and easier to get your trip together.